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Safety First Always

1- All of our inflatable slides, water slides and bounce/slide combos have a soft, 18-24” deep inflatable slide landing area base, surrounded by inflatable containment walls. On our water slides, this slide landing area has drainage ports to prevent water from accumulating in the splash landing zone, to avoid any standing water which could otherwise present a drowning risk.

2- All of our slide platforms include a mesh roof to prevent little ones from jumping from the slide platform and encourage safe use of the slide – sliding from a seated, feet-first position. Many older inflatable slides and water slides in the market do not have this mesh covered slide platform, but ours always do!

3- Sufficient number of anchor points (at least 4 for bounce houses, and up to 15 for large slides) are built into all of our units. We use 18” stakes, per CPSC, ASTM and SIOTO guidelines, at all anchor points, which more than adequately secure your inflatable rental for wind speeds up to 15mph, the maximum safe operating wind speed. Many bounce house rental companies take shortcuts here – we do not.

4- The roofs of all of our bounce house and bounce/slide combo rentals are covered to prevent participants from trying to climb out or over the containment walls. Also, all bounce house roofs have safety egress ports, in the unlikely emergency event where participants need an alternative exit.

5- All entrances and exits should include 2” thick, non-slip safety mats covering an area extending 4’ in all directions, per ASTM and SIOTO guidelines. All of our bounce house and other inflatable rentals include these safety mats, free of charge, which is a first in the bounce house rental industry.

6- The Series 2 Watchdog blower siren was designed in 2018 to detect air loss caused by power loss to the blower, child mischief, or even a major rip/tear in the bounce house or other inflatable rental. We have dozens of these sirens in stock and include one per blower, free of charge, for all of our bounce house, slide and other inflatable rentals, which is a first in the bounce house rental industry.